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Kenpachi Zaraki’s Nozarashi Lawless Katana Sword from Bleach METAL REPLICA KATANA

Kenpachi Zaraki’s Nozarashi Lawless Katana Sword from Bleach METAL REPLICA KATANA

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Lusting for an evenly matched nemesis to fight and bring out his true inner strength, Kenpachi Zaraki needs only his natural fighting talent and strength to be victorious. Using his Lawless Zanpakuto, Kenpachi cuts down the Hollow and his enemies with unprecedented force. He has no fear in a fight, seeking out only the strongest warriors, and almost wishing to die in battle. This Lawless sword is the only accurate replica on the market that has Battle-worn Serrations on the blade, exactly as seen in the Bleach Anime. Replica sword from the Bleach anime series. The sword of Kenpachi Zaraki is magnificent to behold and can unsettle foes as if you were Kenpachi himself. This sword comes with a very unique blade design that is made of Carbon Steel. The two-tone finish on the Carbon Steel blade adds a touch of Raw attitude for depicting a Zanpakuto that has been neglected by necessity due to Kenpachi being naturally strong. The guard and the pommel are cast out of zinc-aluminum alloy with an antiqued gold finishing to them. The guard is in the shape of an 11-point star. Both the scabbard and handle are cotton cloth wrapped for a truly comfortable feel.

More Details:

  • False Edged unsharpened blade
  • Overall 41 Inches
    Handle: 14.5 Inches Long; 1.5 Inches Wide
    Blade: 26.5 Inches Carbon Steel
    Cloth Wrapped Scabbard and Handle
    Brass Pommel Cap
  • Intended for ages 18 and over.
  • Note this is a DISPLAY ONLY cosplay replica Katana.
  • This sword is not created for swinging, impact, or martial arts use.

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