CEO: Andrew Hwang

In west Philadelphia, born and raised, in front of the Nintendo was where he spent most of his days…grew up Andrew Hwang. Falling in love with gaming, anime, comics and was disappointed to find that there wasn’t really a place he could share this with other people. There was the occasional convention or tournament he could go to, but no real one location. 

During his years in college at the University of Pittsburgh, Andrew had the opportunity to spend time overseas in both Korea and Japan. There he experienced the dedicated districts for Gamers, Nerds and Otaku, which were homes for the communities there. It was a wonderland of everything he grew up with and loved. 

Coming back to the states, he knew that one day he’d have to bring all of this back with him. This dream became Gamers Heaven – the brand we know and love today.  

Chief of Operations: Amy

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Media Gatherer: Darius / Focused Aperture

Darius is a Photo/Video enthusiast. Friends call him a knowledge dragon, since he knows a lot of random facts that he sits on until he finds use for it.

Darius is one of the early team members that has helped Gamers Heaven grow from the beginning

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Jennais a professional Voice Actor and Content Creator with over ten years of experience working with conventions, marketing and events. Her experience ranges from talent bookings to full event execution. She also has a dwarf bunny Chi Chi, who has yet to express interest in assisting.

Card Fencer: Collin

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