Join Our Crew

We are currently in an Investment Round to raise funds to hire for the following positions, which we will begin hiring for after the round closes in November 2023.

The available positions will be determined by the amount we are able to raise by November, 2023. 


  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Store Operations Trainer/Developer
  • Web Developer/Admin 
  • Investor/Lifetime Member Relationship Manager
  • Marketing Associate (Digital, Print, & Live Events)
  • Digital Graphic Artist(s)
  • Inventory Fulfillment & Logistics
  • Digital Production - Shooting, Editing, & Production
  • Franchisee & Expansion Store Operations Support Desk
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Franchise Sales Associate
  • Franchise On Boarding Specialist
  • Construction Permitting and License Specialist
  • Architect
  • Construction Specialist 
  • Store Setup & Training Teams
  • Tradeshow Marketing Teams
  • New Store Manager for Home Store Location
  • Gamers Heaven Chef - Menu Development
  • Barista

Content Creators

Are you a content creator that would love to work with Gamers Heaven? Are you looking to possible have one of our locations host a meet and greet at a store close to you? Maybe you’d like to participate in our Twitch Extra Life Streams. Fill out this form.


Would you like to be a part of our Mega Booths? Have you suddenly found yourself being called an Influencer or are you a Cosplayer who wants to be surrounded by others in a group setting?
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Media Inquires

Gamers Heaven’s media team is standing by to assist you with your inquiry. Please contact them directly for these and other inquiries relating to media coverage: Background information about GH Franchise, Any Gamers Heaven store, Interview requests with Gamers Heaven spokespeople, guests and partners.
Inquire Here

Fan Meet Up Leader

Looking for a place to host a fan meet up? Not satisfied with with the locations to hold a Gothic Lolita Meet Up? How about a safe dry space for a BJD Meet Up? Let us help.
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Gamers Heaven Stores have a wide range of fans at their lounges. Contact Us

  • Artist
  • Retailer
  • Corporate Partnerships, Sponsorship & Exhibiting
  • Advertise with us