• Subathon Giveaway (As of 6/30/2024)

    • LAST CHANCE PRIZE: FF7 PS5 Ultimate Bundle
    • Master Grade Dynames Gundam*
    • HG RX-78 Unicorn Gundam Full Armor (Destroy)*
    • RG Crossbone Gundam*
    • Full Mechanics Barbatos Gundam 1/100*
    • RG Wing Zero Custom Gundam*
    • RG Unicorn Gundam Banshee*
    • HG Narrative Gundam (A Packs)*
    • MG Justice Gundam*
    • Pokemon Plushies
    • Tanjiro Model Kit*
    • Liger Zero Model Kit
    • Zoids Rev Raptor Model Kit
    • Zoids Raven Raptor Model Kit
    • HG Wing Zero*
    • Halloween Miku
    • Wonderland Miku
    • Kotobukiya Crossmessiah Model Kit
    • Kotobukiya Megaman X Second Armor
    • HG Gouf Crimson Custom*
    • 1/100 Deathscythe Hell XXXG-01D2
    • Vibrations Stars Neji*
    • Banpresto One Piece Red Jimbei*
    • More Coming Soon with extended time!

    *Donated by IsANobody Twitch

  • Final Fantasy Rebirth Celebration Giveaway Part 2

    This is our 2nd Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Celebration Giveaway. Additional Prizes will be added with every mileston hit during our Subathon. If Andrew is not able to beat Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for the end of the Twitch Subathon, then additional prizes will be added based on new parameters.

    • DXRacer FF7 Rebirth Edition
    • Final Fantasy 7 PS5 Ultimate Bundle (QUIZ ONLY)
    • Static Arts Tifa Dress A
    • Static Arts Tifa Dress B
    • Static Arts Tifa Dress C
    • Static Arts Aerith Dress
    • Static Arts Cloud Dress
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Remake Tifa Dress A
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Remake Yuffie
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Remake Red XIII w/Scroll Art (Donated)
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Remake Sepiroth
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Remake Aerith
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Remake Aerith Dress
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Crisis Core Zack 2nd Class
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Crisis Core 1st Class Zack
    • Static Arts Sepiroth (FF7 Rebirth Collectors Edition)
    • Play Arts Kai FF7 Advent Children Vincent
  • Season Goals

    • To Complete the creation, design, menu, and autonomy of Cafe 7 away from Gamers Heaven
    • GamersHeavenTV Grows to 10,000 Followers on Twitch
    • Gamers Heaven Phoenixville restructured to focused on Retail, Events, Esports, and Memberships.
  • What Will Count Towards Goals?

    • All Online Purchases (Net Profit)
    • All Lifetime Memberships
    • All Cafe 7 Lifetime Coffee Passes
    • Investments into Cafe 7 Startup
    • Gamers Heaven LLC Investments

  • Twitch Followers

    7,096 / 10,000 (as of 6/18/2024)

  • Cafe 7 - Sales/Raised

    $37,500.00 (#2211)

  • Gamers Heaven - Sales/Raised

    $34,228.00 (#2211)

Achievements Will Continuously Be Updated

Season Achievement Unlocks

Twitch - Horror Streams?!

10,000 Twich Followers

Twitch Surpass Senk3tsu!

Twitch - More Miso Chan Emotes?!

Cafe 7 - $15K Hot Ones Challenge - COMPLETE

Cafe 7 - $15K Sold/Raised

  • Hot Ones Challenge with Andrew and Staff
  • Honey Bee In Dance (FF7 Remake)
  • New Platform for future Plushie chairs and Kotasu Tables

Cafe 7 - $30K - Upgrades - COMPLETE

Cafe 7 - $30K Sold/Raised

  • Additional Working Capital
  • New Furniture Designs
  • Barista Stations Upgrade
  • More Coming Soon

Cafe 7 - $45K - Barista Goodies

Cafe 7 - $45K Sold/Raised

  • New Machines For Baristas
  • New Supplies
  • Branded Cups
  • New Menu Items
  • Additional New Furniture
  • More Coming Soon

Cafe 7 - Dream Budget Build (Pre-Kitchen)

Cafe 7 - $100K Sold/Raised

  • Plumbing Rerouted to new Barista Section
  • New Rinse Stations
  • New Espresso Machine Capabilities due to Water Line
  • New Espresso Machine for quality and output.

GH $10K MISO with WHAT?! - Complete

Gamers Heaven - $10K Sold/Raised

  • MISO Stream with Fishnets
  • Horror Game Stream (Community Choice)
  • New Shure Mic and Mixer for RingoRiot
  • Julia Stunts Waxes Andrew's Leg Live!

GH $150K - TAZER? - 22.82%

Gamers Heaven - $150K Sold/Raised

  • Local Police Department will Taze Andrew (Already Agreed Upon)
  • Horror Game Stream (Community Choice)
  • Lvl. 2 Furry - Paws & Tail Ordered
  • Ringo Riot New VTuber Model
  • Spa Day for the Ladies of Gamers Heaven
  • Miso Calendar

This Tier allow us to settle several big accounts that have tremendously held us back from moving forward.